Wall Chamber 2023 Bucket List

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With it being the New Year, we know you are wanting to experience new places and experiences to enjoy with your family and friends! While there are so many things to explore in a year, we have compiled a bucket list for you to check out if you are thinking about traveling to South Dakota for your next vacation and the best spots to visit in Wall, South Dakota. To start off the 2023 bucket list items to see when you visit, we have chosen a variety of destinations to fit everyone’s interests!

Delta-01 Launch Control Facility

Delta-01 resides on a grassy, open piece of land on the west side of a county road, about half a mile north of Exit 127 off Interstate 90. With approximately 1.85 acres enclosed within the security fence, the complex covers approximately 6.4 acres of the South Dakota landscape. From the Interstate, the location looks like a single ranch house in the open grassland. Most people who drive by on the nearby Interstate probably haven’t looked at the site much over the years or even know about the military capabilities in the South Dakota plains, but this hidden gem is worth the stop to explore.
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Wall Drug

Wall Drug has developed into a flourishing haven since its humble beginnings in 1931. Dining, activities, souvenirs, visitor information, and of course, free ice water are all available at Wall Drug. For more than 80 years, many road-weary travelers have been stopping at Wall Drug to emerge awake and rejuvenated.

But it wasn't always a successful business that brought 2 million people to the small town of Wall each year. In the beginning, Ted and Dorothy Hustead struggled to make Wall Drug successful. During that time, Wall was affectionately referred to as "the geographical center of nowhere," and the Great Depression that was ravaging the United States only added to the difficulties. However, Wall Drug's success can be attributed to a single, straightforward idea: providing free ice water to road-weary travelers. Travelers soon made it a point to stop at Wall Drug for a refreshing break, and they haven't stopped coming since.
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Nanna's Mercantile

A stop to Nanna’s Mercantile can help you feel cozy and welcomed like you’re at home. Stop in and enjoy antique shopping, homemade baked goods, farm-fresh produce and other treasures, both old and new. Make sure to try out the infrared sauna and enjoy 24/7 coffee and meeting up with friends, both old and new. Nanna’s Mercantile is located at 609 Glenn St in Wall, South Dakota, near the infamous Wall Drug.

Wall Golf Course

If you love to golf, you’ll love the Wall Community Golf Course. This is a 9-hole course featuring 3,861 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 26. Designed for all golf enthusiast and just minutes from the Badlands.
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Prairie Homestead

It’s difficult to imagine what life was like in the 1900s. Get a glimpse of the challenges and triumphs the early pioneers worked through by visiting the Prairie Homestead. Built in 1909, the homestead is the last remaining original sod home from pioneer days. The Prairie Homestead is open daily May through October and offers tours to explore the outbuildings and sod house, informational videos, and early pioneer attire. It is located 20 miles east of Wall, off exit 131 on Interstate 90.

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Wounded Knee Museum

Let real history unfold at the Wounded Knee Museum. A narrative museum taking you step by step through the stages of the Wounded Knee massacre by showing graphics and photographs that go beyond words, as you go exhibit by exhibit. The museum has over two dozen exhibits covering everything pre-Columbian America to current issues like the use of Indian mascots for sports teams, down to the in-depth study of the Wounded Knee massacre. It is located a ½ block south of Wall Drug and is open seasonally, May 19th- October 15th.

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With it being cold and snowy outside, we can’t help but be excited for the upcoming summer season. When planning your next vacation with your family or if you’re simply taking yourself on an exploration trip, make sure to put Wall, SD on your bucket list! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed! To learn more about upcoming events check out our website!

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