Sewn into the Badlands: Quilters Guide to Wall

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Welcome to Wall, South Dakota, where creativity thrives! The town surrounded by the beautiful Badlands, is a gathering place for quilters who love tradition and artistic expression. Join us on our blog as we share about the Badlands Quilters’ Weekend Getaway. It's more than just stitching – it's a celebration of community, inspiration, and the timeless craft of quilting. Whether you're a pro or just starting, Wall is the place for those who enjoy the art and friendship of quilting.

A bit of Quilting History

Quilting has a rich history that traces back centuries, initially serving as a resourceful way to repurpose worn-out fabrics into warm blankets. As societies evolved, so did the art of quilting, taking on diverse patterns and designs. In the 19th century, quilting experienced a surge in popularity, with well-known patterns such as the Log Cabin, where strips of fabric symbolized the logs of a cabin, and the Flying Geese, depicting birds in flight. These patterns weren't just visually appealing; they often held cultural or personal significance. Quilting became a communal activity, with families and communities sharing stories through the fabric pieces they sewed together. Today, quilting is a fun and creative activity that brings people together to make cozy blankets with lots of stories stitched into them.

Out West Quilts and Fabric 

Out West Quilts and Fabric, founded by Stephanie Volmer in May 2023, is a quilting company based in Wall, South Dakota. Fueled by her passion for quilting since 1996, Stephanie brings extensive experience to her business. The store proudly offers a diverse fabric range, including renowned brands like Timeless Treasures and Henry Glass, and a variety of different prints to choose from, such as western prints. With 108” wide backing and complete fabric groupings that meet Quilt Shop Quality (QSQ) standards, the store also provides essential notions for quilting. Stephanie also offers personalized assistance and long-arm quilting.

Badlands Quilters’ Weekend Getaway

Join the Badlands Quilters’ Weekend Getaway on March 15th and 16th, celebrating 24 years of quilting. Enjoy sewing, delicious food, project showcases, and contribute to several warm quilts for returning soldiers. Being so close to St. Patrick’s Day, be on the lookout for leprechauns with door prizes, and this year Annie, owner of the Bakery, will be welcomed as a new vendor from Belle Fourche. During this event, you’ll also be able to shop for fabrics provided by Out West Quilts and Fabrics.

The weekend kicks off with Schnibbles and Nibbles on Friday, a welcome mixer where you can meet others, admire completed quilts, and hear from Theresa Derr of the Colton Levi Derr Foundation on the foundation’s mission in assisting returning soldiers who struggle with PTSD-related issues. On Saturday, you will learn about the history of this program that’s been donating patriotic quilts since 2009. Additionally, there will be dedicated time for you to work on your personal projects and assist the foundation in completing its goal of four denim quilts.

When most people think of Wall, South Dakota, they're not considering it as a place with a quilting community. However, not only does Wall have the beautiful Badlands surrounding it, but it also has people with beautiful souls who are a part of this quilting community. Whether you’re new to the area or new to quilting, the Badlands Quilter’s Weekend Getaway is the perfect place to start to meet people and the perfect opportunity to visit with Stephanie and discover all the services she has to offer.

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